Beachouse is exclusiveness. Only 4 suites, distinct and independent from one another, each one imagined in the challenging Ericeira’s sea, in family memories, in the preservation of values. These 4 suites allow each guest to take a break after walking in Ericeira’s 7 Waves or after a day of new findings and sensations.Beachouse is sharing. Our guests have a fully functional kitchen at their disposal where they can prepare and share the best regional delicacies (fresh fish, freshly baked bread, succulent cheeses or just a glass of good wine). Also, they can share their experiences in the cosy lounge where a small library is available.

Beachouse is a small reward for a challenging life. An intense life, of permanent running around, against the clock. Beachouse was designed to value time. How? By experiencing the message of the mountains, by breathing nature, by floating in the pool or by planting and harvesting organic food in our young farmer’s vegetable garden.

With the North side on its back, protected from the wind and with an excellent sun incidence, Beachouse takes advantage of a microclimate as a consequence of its excellent location, allowing a comfy environment by the pool surrounded by bushes, until the end of the afternoon.



          Surf and the Sea are present in every corner of the house and each suite is a tribute to the World Surfing Reserve beaches.


This is Beachouse’s largest room and its environment reminds you of the vivacity and cosmopolitan character of the Ribeira d’Ilhas beach. There our guests can stay by the balcony and feel the magnitude of the valley where the Ribeira runs, quietly guessing its course and longing to reach it.


Coxos represents the spirit, the preservation and the protection. Its decoration suggests ancient values, in which the comfort and furniture from our ancestors are included. By being the first one reaching the sun, it privileges privacy taking advantage of a reserved exterior space in the bedroom that can be used to rest, to remember or just to enjoy.


Empa room is radical, bold and dedicated to youth. It is ideal for children of couples that appreciate autonomy, that enjoy sharing opinions about music, surf, or that eventually enjoy intimacy. Even those who are too young for this, may appreciate offering their parents the opportunity to enjoy some alone time.



SÃO LOURENÇO ROOM              

São Lourenço, Angela and João’s previous bedroom, represents happy memories along with a story and the building of a life. It has its own personality, strong and with a huge willingness to share. At this bay, our guests are encouraged to go through its origins in a dedicated exterior space.