The World Surfing Reserve

Beachouse and the World Surfing Reserve have a common story to offer to their guests. Both represent sharing, a converging point, the exclusiveness of a reserve.

There are only 4 surfing reserves in the world: in the USA (Malibu, California), in Australia (Manli Freshwater), in Peru (Huanchaco) and in Portugal. In Ericeira.Here our guests can find the 7 world class waves (Pedra Branca, Reef, Ribeira d’Ilhas, Cave, Crazy Left, Coxos and S. Lourenço) located along 4 km of coastline between Empa Beach and São Lourenço Beach. These form the first world surfing reserve in Europe and the second reserve in the world approved by the Save the Waves Coalition.

This important status is granted by the dedication of a local community’s support to surfing activities, the quality and consistency of the waves, the biodiversity and environmental quality of the beaches. In Ericeira there are waves that can offer all the experiences to the surfers: big, small, intelligent, challenging waves, and waves for beginners.

Consequently, our guests may try a new surfing experience, improve their knowledge or even resume an old habit, lost in time, now in the company of their children. In order to help with this task, Beachouse has partnerships with local schools and surf professionals that are able to give some advice, provide surfing lessons, or eventually rent the necessary equipment for you to achieve your goals.



Most of all, knowing is “seeing” and “feeling”. At Beachouse we recognize that knowledge comes by looking, communicating, walking and assimilating local fragrances.

In Ericeira, there is a lot to learn and get to know. We recommend that you walk along the village streets and look at the local architecture in each corner, the churches, the squares, the boats that go to the sea every day, the surf shops. Enjoy the “areias” and “ouriços”, Ericeira’s traditional pastry.

Make sure to use the pathways located by the sea, with a magnificent view on the cliffs that protect the beaches down below. Go down the stairs to the beach of Ribeira d’Ilhas and feel the privilege to be in the only world surfing reserve in Europe.

At the local market, make sure to look for the fresh fish, the vegetables and the fruit. Make sure to talk to the locals and feel their hospitality.

Ericeira benefits from a coast with a wide variety of fish and seafood. Choose a good restaurant, or if you please, buy the fresh fish and cook it in Beachouse. This will be a unique experience.

In Santa Marta’s park, besides a well projected and preserved green area, a sports area will be waiting for you: tennis, squash and mini-golf. Go for a bicycle ride along the coast. Beachouse provides the bicycles with no additional costs.

Near Ericeira, you can visit Sintra, walk in Cascais, and be amazed with the magnificent Convento de Mafra.

There are many options, depending on your wish and time to get to know around. Beachouse is available to share its experience and recommend alternatives to its guests.